The utter carelessness of it!!

Im very angry at my local newspaper!!! I got locked ouside of my flat 2 days a go whilst my son was inside, I went to give my partner his wallet and my son shut the door behind me! If this wasnt stressful enough after the firmen came to get me inside to him, The local newspaper printed the story (im still baffles as to how they found out!) Which really didnt bother me as the story basically said child locked in flat by accident yadayada, The fact that they went on to give my address, what kind of lock the fireman had to get through, how access was gained through my letterbox is totally careless and irrisponsible!! This now means everybody who read that article now knows how to gain entry into my flat. I am very angry and have written to the editor. I cant believe a newspaper would be so informative to thiefs! I now may need to get a whole new door as i need to move my locks rather than just replace the letterbox, im guessing the newspaper are not going to foot the bill either! I have never liked journalists.


Jean said...

Did you have any joy with your letter of complaint to the newspaper??

I love your blog by the way.

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