economic downturn or just rubbish?!

I have still had no sales on Misi, one on etsy from a friend and one on Artfire. WHY IS THIS?!?! Is my stuff rubbish or is there just too much jewellery online? One item has been viewed over 100 times so surely one of those people wanted to buy my item? Apparently not. I dont really mind as i love making the jewellery but is it worth keep emptying my pockets for? I need to be making money to pay for my second uni course in drugs awareness so am i doing myself a mischief?


jms said...

I haven't had any sales on MISI either, I'm just letting my shop run out the year, but not bothering to list anything in it. I am fortunate in that I dont need an income from it. your stuff isn't rubbish, but there are A LOT of jewellery makers on MISI. not really sure what to suggest, but I guess you could find other ways of selling, craft fairs etc where not so much competition?
chin-up and good luck with your course

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