I know the economic downturn means people have to cut back on luxuries such as jewellery etc but i just dont know if I can afford to make it anymore without sales
:( Not only money wise but time wise. I spend so much time in the evening trying to sell on misi and etsy and promote myself on facebook etc etc but I just feel im not getting anything back! I feel this is a general concensus from most people i speak to in jewellery forums. I did a total overhaul of my shop, re-taking all the picture, re-pricing, re-writing the descriptions and adding seller policies but still nothing. The reason i started making jewellery was to fund my next university course on drugs awareness but im loosing money not making. I just dont know what to do anymore. A lot of Misi sellers seem to be closing up shop. Im not at this point yet but cant afford the seller fees and beads supplies for much longer!! I NEED SALES!!


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