Temporary blindness and boredom

Ok so had my eye operation yesterday, Cant see much, my eye is weeping and really swollen, the only things I can see are my laptop screen and Tv if i get really really close to it. Considering I dont really enjoy Tv there isnt much for me to do. Stitches in the eyeball are more than mildly annoying and i just got loads and loads of free beads from a great mate and cant do anything with them :( this sucks. Apparently my sight will get better within the week but fully over the next few months. sigh. Eye...hurting trying to focus....itchy...sore. Going away to sulk now and 'listen' to the film Seven.


jms said...

really hope it starts to feel more comfortable soon.

Sarah - Tales of a Borderline personality said...

Hope it starts to ease up a little. Sounds very uncomfortable.

Take care,


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