Frustration and sunglasses

So now its day 3 after having my eye operation and after the hospital kicked me out without telling me what to expect im kind of having to grasp not having sight as best i can. I have been reading today about the operation i have had and my sight can take anything from a month to a fair few months to recover and even then it may not fully recover, Man i wish they had told me that before i had the operation. Also lots of people who have had my operation are very prone to cataracts within the next few years. This they shuld have also made clear, I would have preffered to loose my sight gracefully rather than possibly have lessened the amount I could see or cause myself more eye problems. To not see my little boy slowly is one thing but to not see him at all is another. Im coping with having one reasonable eye ok at the minute.Stuck in the house and not being able to do much is frustrating and being stubborn like i am im going to try and venture out tommorow. (with sunglasses on!) lets hope its sunny ;)


jms said...

If you manage to read this, you will know my thoughts are with you.
joy xx

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