Right so my shop is officially on holiday for 2 reasons..one is im actually going on holiday to Germany next week to a ear bleeding death metal festival and end of the month im off to ireland to visit me best mate for some brain melting durty Tekno. Been wanting to see NarKoTek live since like forever...even before zombies were real!! (long) and the other reason being that my internet has been cut off. haha. ah well. need jewellery sales badly :D get buying ;)


Right so i really must stop this right now!! This will be the second time i have gotten drunk and panicked about zombies. The first time proceeding to cry into my mate emmas face, make her promise to buy a baseball bat and promise that she would come get me. I thought that this was a one off. Apparently not haha. I drunk 3 beers last night whilst watching The crazies and began another conversation re a zombie apocalypse.On NOT promising to come rescue me from Norfolk if a zombie apocalypse did happen i stormed out on my boyfriend and hurled abuse at him. He laughed of course. Until he realised how deadly serious i was and upset. Man my irrational fear of zombies really seems to be amplified by a few beers. Scary shit zombies are! (only the fast ones, not too bothered by the slow ass brain eating ones cos im a ninja).

New stuff :)

Right so i now have recieved my blue Macaw feathers, have a pair of killer heels that there is no way in HELL that i could walk in, lots of new fabrics and loadsa blue feathers. Run out of superglue though so cant do anything at the minute ahahaa. oh the sheer luck of it all. Man why did i ever buy them shoes?? Probably because im a charity shop whore and cant resist buying stuff that just clutters my house up and then never gets used. I thought i wasnt girly...it seems i am :P Cant go wrong paying a fiver for perfect condition killer vamp heels though eh? hehe.

Sales pixie loves me!!

Made £65 worth of sales today!! im so happy!! i have been inspired by my friend bex miaow of late, she showed me how to make hair braids and went off on my own feathery tangent. The 3 braided hair clips that i listed on Misi all sold the same day that they were listed! wow. Im really liking my own stuff at the minute :D Im really enjoying working with natural feathers too. Im sure you guys will see lots more of them!! I seem to be finding my style a lot easier too. so go! check out my store ;)

custom bridesmaid necklace

Just a quick note to show the basic idea of the custom briedesmaid order im in the process of doing. Probably the most girly piece i have ade so far (and most exspensive!) The ribbons will be tied into bows not just left loose like in the picture, making a few more changes also tonight.

the apocalypse seems to be going well!!

The Zombie Apocalypse ribbon i made has had 81 views in under 5 minutes!! Now im thinking a range of tops!! With added brain ;)

zombies or not??

Im going to stray from the usual jewellery and do zombie inspired things but not sure they will sell :S My first listing will be a zombie apocalypse wedding, with standard zombie brain splatterings. Let me know what you guys think please!!!

Sales and stuff :D

Sales have been awesome, slacking a bit at the mo but everybody is too busy ejoying the weather to be shopping like me i guess :) Finished my first custom order for soebody who was very happy with the result. (pictured below) It was an Anubis inspired necklace with a hematite Ankh. I loved working with somebody else to create a piece and found it all the more challenging considering i had never met them, so here is to many more custom orders! (not too many as im very thorough) Got the custom Bridesmaid necklace coming up soon when the beads arrive so getting excited about that too! What a way to spread your jewellery name eh? ;)