Right so i really must stop this right now!! This will be the second time i have gotten drunk and panicked about zombies. The first time proceeding to cry into my mate emmas face, make her promise to buy a baseball bat and promise that she would come get me. I thought that this was a one off. Apparently not haha. I drunk 3 beers last night whilst watching The crazies and began another conversation re a zombie apocalypse.On NOT promising to come rescue me from Norfolk if a zombie apocalypse did happen i stormed out on my boyfriend and hurled abuse at him. He laughed of course. Until he realised how deadly serious i was and upset. Man my irrational fear of zombies really seems to be amplified by a few beers. Scary shit zombies are! (only the fast ones, not too bothered by the slow ass brain eating ones cos im a ninja).


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