Here's how to....

Just so everyone knows to comment on my posts you just click the title of the posts and it leads you to make a comment there, Just a few people have let me know that they could not work out how to leave comments :) Hope that helps!

The utter carelessness of it!!

Im very angry at my local newspaper!!! I got locked ouside of my flat 2 days a go whilst my son was inside, I went to give my partner his wallet and my son shut the door behind me! If this wasnt stressful enough after the firmen came to get me inside to him, The local newspaper printed the story (im still baffles as to how they found out!) Which really didnt bother me as the story basically said child locked in flat by accident yadayada, The fact that they went on to give my address, what kind of lock the fireman had to get through, how access was gained through my letterbox is totally careless and irrisponsible!! This now means everybody who read that article now knows how to gain entry into my flat. I am very angry and have written to the editor. I cant believe a newspaper would be so informative to thiefs! I now may need to get a whole new door as i need to move my locks rather than just replace the letterbox, im guessing the newspaper are not going to foot the bill either! I have never liked journalists.

My fav new piece!!!

I made this little beauty last night called Bonehead! Its made from bone beads and shrunken heads :D hehe not really but the skulls are made from bone too. This is more where i want to be with my jewellery, voodoo looking items. Its available in my misi shop. It is my most exspensive item so far though but worth every penny (i think anyway!)

Excitement and presents for me!! :D

Im getting really excited about having my first stall tommorow!! :) I will be happy if i sell one thing the way the market is at the minute! Got a babysitter till early eve so a whole day of peace too haha. Made some schoolboy errors when doing all the pretty packaging, put my misi shop as dot com rather than dot so had to re-do all of that. My fella jon bought me an awesome dress too :) (see pic)Its from thailand and made of a gorgeous silky material. Ill let you all know how much profit i make tommorow :D (on the hopeful side!)


Just finished another top where i had to singularly ley each stud out first and then iron on the cats bum motif. (i have this tattooed on the back of my neck hehe) So here it is :)

Painstaking diamantes...

My new iron diamante strap top 'FILTH' is now listed on Misi. Giving another one a go later on tonight so im sure later i will be very frustrated again.


Wow, well today has been random to say the least! Had a sporadic urge to call a friend last night who i had a falling out with then was informed this morning that they were dead! They actually wasnt, they were run over but people should definetly check thier information before informing so many people of the wrong thing. Got all of my jewellery packaged for sale at the strawberry fair benefit gig, ready to go and looking good :)Found my best friend from when i was 14 today even though i have been looking for her for years, finally working out that i had been spelling her last name wrong! total muppet! Then i get 2 important phone calls possibly equalling money. Had a weird day. Anyway got to go fill up loads of pots and pans with water as the water is being shut off for a few hours tommorow.

Spray painting in the heat

Had a date with emma mendes da costa from BIZARRE to spray paint up some t-shirts today with her awesome stencils. My fav is the black top simply as it designed for me :D A few of the tops bled after they were sprayed but minimally which is good. Done some kids t-shirts as well, my son now has a vest saying 'i tore mummy a new one' haha. I love emma.

Is getting

bored doing this whole blog thing...It just seems like im talking to myself, Its not increasing sales and im not gaining any foloowers even though i leave all my internet addresses on every shop/page/forums etc. I add more and more people to follow but noone follows me still?! What am i doing wrong? I might just give up to be honest. The only real support I get from anywhwere is in the Misi forums. Thanks Misi ladies ;)

David bowie...hehe

A new top listed on


Im feeling very inspired today! Had an awesome day in the park with the lil one and my gorgeous fella drinking mead and playing ball. Got slightly pissy that there was a dog that wasnt too nice in the pond garden even though dogs are'nt allowed in there and the owners were a bunch of piss heads but had a good time anyway! Got some transfers and borrowed a sewing machine too today so going to try work that out later this eve after doing some of my fina essay. Bought an awesome laquered cowboy hat today n all. Probably spent way too much but hey the sunshine makes most people over spend ;) Hope you all enjoyed the sun!!


I know the economic downturn means people have to cut back on luxuries such as jewellery etc but i just dont know if I can afford to make it anymore without sales
:( Not only money wise but time wise. I spend so much time in the evening trying to sell on misi and etsy and promote myself on facebook etc etc but I just feel im not getting anything back! I feel this is a general concensus from most people i speak to in jewellery forums. I did a total overhaul of my shop, re-taking all the picture, re-pricing, re-writing the descriptions and adding seller policies but still nothing. The reason i started making jewellery was to fund my next university course on drugs awareness but im loosing money not making. I just dont know what to do anymore. A lot of Misi sellers seem to be closing up shop. Im not at this point yet but cant afford the seller fees and beads supplies for much longer!! I NEED SALES!!


Just bought a stunning necklace from my friend Zoe who makes industrial and tribal inspired pieces of jewellery. You can find her on ETSY under the name GROTBAGS and all funds generally go toward her record label splatterkore. I love her jewellery, She definetley captures something dark and magical! The piece i bought is named Apophis. Go check her out!!


I am now available to follow on facebook! In fact im just going to list below all of the websites i am available on, makes it easier for you all :) Please retweet, reccomend etc etc where you can.

FACEBOOK: search name TWISTED jewellery design
ETSY: search ORIGIONALPIXIE in sellers

Please help local buisinesses thrive!!!



Just made an awesome little top with my favourite charachter on :D TANK GIRL!!! Pics will be up tommorow...this ones is'nt for sale though guys sorry. Also thinking of investing in some diamante patches to do some tops to sell. Im thinking lots of skulls and roses.

shoots herself in the foot...

Why is it when other people throw hurtful things at me its ok for them to do that but when i do it back i seem to shoot myself in the foot? RAWRGH. Ive been through a lot and come out the other side or so i thought so why is it that people still try to hold me back and then when i get angry and rise to it all of a sudden im the one left looking like im the bad person? I have de ja vu all of a sudden.

Gypsie inspired...

I love the idea of mystical travelling folk bringing fear and wonder to villages they travelled to in stories so made a piece based on the mythical charachter Gypsie rose lee. (There was a real one with that name but she was a burlesque performer!)
It is made from amber beads, gold beads and gorgeous cluster bells that ake an awesome sound when they move!! I love fact everyone knows when im around for all of my jewellery anyway haha. check it out on

economic downturn or just rubbish?!

I have still had no sales on Misi, one on etsy from a friend and one on Artfire. WHY IS THIS?!?! Is my stuff rubbish or is there just too much jewellery online? One item has been viewed over 100 times so surely one of those people wanted to buy my item? Apparently not. I dont really mind as i love making the jewellery but is it worth keep emptying my pockets for? I need to be making money to pay for my second uni course in drugs awareness so am i doing myself a mischief?

SCYLLA the non defeatist :)

I have managed to make a new item with my bad eye!! Its listed on Misi of course.
Its named Scylla after a greek monstorous godess who ruled along side the whirlpool daemons. Nasty lady to come across if you drifted too close to certain rocks she haunted. Had my first journey outside today as well with the sunglasses on. Wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.

Ox bone skulls and planets

Has two new pieces up on
One called JuJu made from Ox skulls and hemp and another made from glass beads. check them out guys. I personally love JuJu, very me :)

Hurry up eye!

Have some great little projects to start when I can see again! Thanks to my firend at the bead shop. Also have a bag im going to finish that i started a while back. Needs a lot of work still to look how i want it but kermit the frog is a good start.

Frustration and sunglasses

So now its day 3 after having my eye operation and after the hospital kicked me out without telling me what to expect im kind of having to grasp not having sight as best i can. I have been reading today about the operation i have had and my sight can take anything from a month to a fair few months to recover and even then it may not fully recover, Man i wish they had told me that before i had the operation. Also lots of people who have had my operation are very prone to cataracts within the next few years. This they shuld have also made clear, I would have preffered to loose my sight gracefully rather than possibly have lessened the amount I could see or cause myself more eye problems. To not see my little boy slowly is one thing but to not see him at all is another. Im coping with having one reasonable eye ok at the minute.Stuck in the house and not being able to do much is frustrating and being stubborn like i am im going to try and venture out tommorow. (with sunglasses on!) lets hope its sunny ;)

Temporary blindness and boredom

Ok so had my eye operation yesterday, Cant see much, my eye is weeping and really swollen, the only things I can see are my laptop screen and Tv if i get really really close to it. Considering I dont really enjoy Tv there isnt much for me to do. Stitches in the eyeball are more than mildly annoying and i just got loads and loads of free beads from a great mate and cant do anything with them :( this sucks. Apparently my sight will get better within the week but fully over the next few months. sigh. Eye...hurting trying to focus....itchy...sore. Going away to sulk now and 'listen' to the film Seven.

Wooohoooo :D

has a friend....who works....IN A BEAD SHOP!!! (feels like she might faint) I feel sorry for my fella as he already treads on loose beads in the middle of the night ahaha. Oh and just because my lovely boyfriend constantly moans about the fact that I dont blog about him...Im going to put a drunken picture of him dressed as a half clown :D (one on the far right) So there you go have officially been blogged! :P

The most rubbish protest to date....

Well maybe not the most rubbish there has ever been iv'e seen one worse but seriously...Protesting really isnt protesting much these days, Its more of a gathering of people who actually dont know why they are there but they definetley know how cool they must be for being there. There is a lot of protesting happening at the minute, lets hope some groups make the change they set out for. This was the hippies vs BNP, what it actually was was a bunch of hippies shouting contradictarily words at a group of chavs in a pub. And i quote ''we accept everyone, we hate no one'' a chant from the hippies, then proceeded to continue onto ''get off our streets you scum'' which to me isnt accepting everyone and im pretty sure ive also heard the BNP shouting that before...hmmm de ja vu? I was pretty on the fence with this one, to be honest i think it just made both sides look like a shambles.

A ridiculous concept...

2 eye operations have been cancelled, Slightly annoyed at a fair few things currently....not feeling too inspired :P