The most rubbish protest to date....

Well maybe not the most rubbish there has ever been iv'e seen one worse but seriously...Protesting really isnt protesting much these days, Its more of a gathering of people who actually dont know why they are there but they definetley know how cool they must be for being there. There is a lot of protesting happening at the minute, lets hope some groups make the change they set out for. This was the hippies vs BNP, what it actually was was a bunch of hippies shouting contradictarily words at a group of chavs in a pub. And i quote ''we accept everyone, we hate no one'' a chant from the hippies, then proceeded to continue onto ''get off our streets you scum'' which to me isnt accepting everyone and im pretty sure ive also heard the BNP shouting that before...hmmm de ja vu? I was pretty on the fence with this one, to be honest i think it just made both sides look like a shambles.


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