been so busy!

Had a house full of geordies including the origional impshum ;) so been busy doing serious stuff like barbecues, pimms n fruit on the beach etc but here are some pictures of my latest makes. All available at Also running a competition on Twitter, 100th Twitter follower gets 50% off ANYTHING in my online shop above. find me on twitter either at the link above my page or go to and follow! hope your all enjoying the sun guys!

Sooooo Busy yet nothing to do?!?

Im finished University until October so why am i more knackered now than when i was studying?!! I have 2 custom orders, one an Egyptian Ankh necklace, fairly simple and one a order thats quite complex and making me nervous as its for a bridesmaid!! I like a challenge though and im looking forward to recieving both the sets of beads for both orders. Missed a looney listing on my Misi store as i had som much other stuff to do. Had 4 other orders so have some money toward my Drugs awareness course now :) YaY! This week i have mainly been buying lots of festival clothes and personalising them. Im currently sewing loads of patches onto a gorgeous camoflage jacket i bought from the army surplus store.

New stuffz! :D

Ah shopping always makes you feel better :) Just bought some awesome green Doc martens, some cherry laces and some black leggings for Wacken Festival 2010. Getting excited about my trip over to Germany in August :D :D

the sales pixie!!!

The sales pixie gave me a visit today and sold 4 things to one person for me :D YAY!

I love bone!!

Just finally got my bone skulls from Thailand, took almost 2 months!! I cant wait to use them!!

14 more to go!!

Im running a '50th follower get one item free'' on Twitter competition so get involved :) only 14 more followers until somebody gets a piece of jewellery for free.

LoOney Listers...

Im taking part with the misi peeps in LoOney listers. Basically an item a day so if nobody buys anything hopefully by christmas i will have lots of sales :) Gives me something to do anyway i guess. check it out at

BOGOF offer on my MISI shop....

Im running a buy one necklace, get a bracelet free offer in my MISI shop. Im trying to raise £100 so I can pay the rest of my Drugs Awareness course which i will get the equivalent of an A-level from, This can be used in any country with any aged drug user. So come and have a look at my MISI store or spread the word!! It only takes five minutes!! Limited time only! End of this month and the offer runds out! Thanks

Makes me giggle...

I was informed yesterday by my very serious faced boyfriend that twenty to thirty years a go, Spiders were actually as big as dogs. Hehe, We was also watching a really good programme on how oxygen has helped the earth to evolve and my boyfriend came out with....ah the stratosphere, i've never been there! hehehe, the stratosphere being the upper atmosphere inbetween earth and space. :D So watch out for those dog like spiders!!!

How do you tell a friend?

How do you tell a friend in the politest way to put it away?! Im all for women looking beautiful and that but full blown naked pictures on social networking sites! Then they have the audacity to ask why everyone thinks they are just a pair of boobs?! Really as much as i love some people they cant really be that ignorant can they? can they.... Other than that, little one really not liking the heat at all. Mummy not liking the heat because kai isnt liking the heat. (secretly loving the heat though hehe) Hope all you guys are enjoying the good weather i hear its soon to rain ;)

Im glad...

That i only make jewellery in my spare time and dont sell it online for a living!

Does anybody have those days??

Where you just feel very AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! Im feeling extremely agitated today for some unknown reason today, My son is really not helping either, he is either crashing his winnie the pooh aeroplane pushalong toy into the wall, throwing stuff or just generally doing things he shouldnt like destroying things or emptying boxes full of tiny things that i have to pick up one by one. Bring on 1pm when he goes creche. RAWRGH. Im hoping going out in the sunshine cheers me up.

Some motivation!!!

After much debating over wether to keep making or not and deliberating wether its all worth carrying on with making my items, A magazine has approached me and asked if they could feature my item 'Chunki Funki fire' in thier Get Inspired feature. Its a Knitting magazine which isnt really my forte but anybody noticing is good :) And i honestly cant knock knitting as I have a lot of awesome knitted clothes and my mum once made me an awesome dennis the menace uber long scarf. Heres to keeping going until the next little motivation pops up!

Does anybody know....

Of any free good webstores i can use to create an online shop? Not one that has a basic lay out one that i can fiddle around with and make look pretty?? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!