Big Brother isn't watching.....

Big brother isn't watching. He's singing and dancing and pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother is holding your attention every moment your awake. He's making sure your fully absorbed. He's making sure your distracted. He's making sure your imagination withers. Until it is as useful as your appendix. He's making sure your attention is always filled. And with this being fed, its worse than being watched.With the world always filling you, no one has to worry whats in your mind. With everyone's imagination atrophied, no ones a threat to the world. No ones mind is their own. You cant concentrate, you cant think because there is always some noise. Singers shouting, dead people laughing,actors crying. All these little doses of emotion, someones always spraying the air with their mood.
Experts in Greek culture say that the people back then didn't see their thoughts as their own, but belonged to Gods or Goddesses giving an order. It occurred as Apollo telling them to be brave. Athena was telling them to fall in Love. Now people hear an advert for sour cream chips and rush out to buy. But now they call this FREE WILL. At least the Greeks were honest.

Tyler Durden, the inner self.

I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't; and we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off...


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Has noticed how much this blog totally digressed from it initial purpose, that of selling handmade jewellery, now it is more of a political rant crossed with spats of inspirations and ranting sentences. i like.

Some advice i should probably take.....

We feel a natural responsibility towards people. Especially when we have shared some part of our lives with them and have built bonds with them. It can be hard to leave people behind when you've seen the good side of them. But how far do you take it? An extreme example is cleaning your blood out of the carpet and making excuses for the guy who beat you. A less extreme, but parallel example is putting up with a torrent of needling, whining, devious, intelligently manipulative abuse from an ex because you know he is lonely and unhappy.
Life is a beautifully and hopelessly complex web of human relations and interactions. We all bounce around, affecting and influencing the people we meet for better or worse. Your outlook on life and your situation has been moulded by hundreds of different people over the past 24 years. Some you met for a moment, some you have known for decades. Some impacts have been minor and some have competely altered the course of your life.
We cannot claim and accept responsibility for everybody we meet. We are not able to juggle the needs and priorities of everone. We could not possibly be reasonably expected to do so. The best we can do is single out that small band of people who mean the most to us and try to be good to them. Each of us creates our own little tribe of people we love. Mum, Dad, Kai, Paul, Bevis, Callum...whoever means a lot to you - genuinely fucking matters to you - you should look out for, and expect the same in return from them.
You are NOT responsible for everyone. It's sweet that you want to be but it will end up hurting you. As you said earlier, you cant have an open door permanently for everybody to dump their worries on you. You have your own problems that need your attention and you're working on them and struggling with them. One of the methods by which you can improve your situation is cutting the negative things out of your life using a blunt knife.

AEIOU - Wes Eisold.

Sitting only cuz I couldn't stand to walk much further under black skies with watered eyes I was watching the tide rolling in
And I was thinking I should make fun here and start over again My legs barely hold all of my heart and soul My ears hardly hear
only our sound is clear My mouth merely moves the words just disappear My eyes see so clear the reason to care Maybe we weren't
supposed to wake up today Leaving me room only to celebrate that nothing's changed If I was there- If you were here the world
could end I wouldn't care So wake me up never, please, lock the door, and lose the keys My legs barely hold all of my heart and
soul My ears hardly hear only our sound is clear My mouth merely moves the words just disappear My eyes see so clear the reason
to care To set the record straight- I never could relate And just when it all went wrong- You sang a different song Never knew
someone who knew how the years had been and I never thought that I would ever end up like this So hidden, far and gone, I'm so crowded
alone And I hope you understand, you fixed my broken plan

SCUM manifesto

So I thought I'd introduce you to Valerie Solanas. One very angry woman. She hates men with such a disgust its funny. I have extracted some of my favourite paragraphs from her book SCUM manifesto. Read with caution if you are easily offended dont read!

''He cant relate to anything other than his own physical sensations.He is a half dead, unresponsive lump,incapable of giving or recieving pleasure or happiness; consequently,he at best is an utter bore.''

''Obssesed with screwing; He will swim through a river of snot,wade nostril deep through a mile of vomit,if he thinks there will be a friendly pussy awaiting him.He'll screw a woman he despises,any snaggletoothed hag, and furthermore pay for the opportunity.Why?Relieving physical tension isn't the answer, as masturbation suffices for that.Its not ego satisfaction;that doesnt explain screwing corpses and babies.''

The book is an interesting read to say the least, although i dont agree with most of what she is saying, still worth owning!

Everything is ok....The love police.

These guys are great political activists, they crudely point out many facts that people have grown complacent with. check them out :)