No black thread, So cant start my leopard print kermit bag (sounds crazy but will look good) Operation on tues so really want to get something done before they mess around with my eyeball and things go blurry :S Not looking forward to having an eye operation but hey at least it will stop me going totally blind in the long run.

Is feeling Creative today....

Have a brand new top that i dont like so going to buy myself some cotton and thread and hack at it with my scissors tonight after taking the lil one to play group :) Should be up on my page as soon as its done. Not quite sure what im going to do with it yet. im feeling fabric paint for sure though. I really should stop buying clothes i know i wont wear, although if I did I wouldnt have anything to hack to pieces haha.

Down With The Clowns

Im thinking of doing a clown inspired line of something or other so ill let you guys know if i have any ideas for anything. Evil twisted clowns only obviously ;)


Ok so now thanks to the magical ways of Impshum my dearly beloved jelly bean covered geordie pal, I have a new style blog too. Im rubbish at this techie stuff, unless you count bouncing around to tekk music but im sure thats not going to fix any web pages hehe. More like total opposite :D Anyway im totally diverging from the point. New blog page and better photos on my online store :) (see photo)

Conspiracy of One punk top now listed

I have just listed my first handmade top on my online store priced at £15.00. I love the back of the top! My take on the ribcage style tops. check out all the pictures at definetley worth checking out if your a fan of the offspring :D

He looks cute but you wait till morning....

Woken this morning by the worked upon high pitch squeal of my son. I love him to bits the world over but he has definetley worked on his soul piercing squeal!!! Hes hitting his terrible two's!! I also awoke to my first Blog follower :D So thank you Joy!!

Little words of argued wisdom

So, after much contemplation and mumbling under my breath, I finally took on board the advice given to me by other members of
I changed the backgrounds of my online jewellery store and made them clearer.
At first the idea of taking down my crazy coloured backgrounds felt like I was destroying who I was, like I was going to not feel like the page was mine anymore but I found a cool little background which still suited who I was and the shop looks completely overhauled. :D maybe its a sign for me to take on board advice sooner rather than later, mind i learnt that recently concerning another subject....hmmmm.