Sales pixie loves me!!

Made £65 worth of sales today!! im so happy!! i have been inspired by my friend bex miaow of late, she showed me how to make hair braids and went off on my own feathery tangent. The 3 braided hair clips that i listed on Misi all sold the same day that they were listed! wow. Im really liking my own stuff at the minute :D Im really enjoying working with natural feathers too. Im sure you guys will see lots more of them!! I seem to be finding my style a lot easier too. so go! check out my store ;)


jms said...

well done for your sales, I'm so pleased for you. your feathered things look great.
joy xx

Pixie Face ~TWISTED JEWELLERY~ said...

thank you :) im loving the feathers at the minute haha. x

رجل البطاط said...

Oh the tickly madness. Love it. Hi Bex. x


Pixie Face ~TWISTED JEWELLERY~ said...

ahaha tickly madness?? how is one impshum enjoying thier biffday?? X

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