Sales and stuff :D

Sales have been awesome, slacking a bit at the mo but everybody is too busy ejoying the weather to be shopping like me i guess :) Finished my first custom order for soebody who was very happy with the result. (pictured below) It was an Anubis inspired necklace with a hematite Ankh. I loved working with somebody else to create a piece and found it all the more challenging considering i had never met them, so here is to many more custom orders! (not too many as im very thorough) Got the custom Bridesmaid necklace coming up soon when the beads arrive so getting excited about that too! What a way to spread your jewellery name eh? ;)


jms said...

I'm so pleased to read that you have been selling, just shows what a little self-promotion can do, well done,

Pixie Face ~TWISTED JEWELLERY~ said...

indeed it can!! sales are good at the minute and the Looney Listing on misi has really really helped!!

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