From Absurdity comes Atrocity.

Some absurd news headlines for the past week. This is ACTUALLY happening so be warned everything is NOT ok....

Eating carrots makes you more attractive.- Yahoo
Freethinking is a mental health issue- Off the Grid news
Infected eggs enter England- Yahoo
White Girls 'easy meat' for Pakistani rapists says Straw- The Guardian
Why are dead birds falling from the sky? -Channel 4 news
Fireman member of £100million cocaine gang- Channel 4 news
Siberian Tiger attacks bus driver and kills in china- International news.
(SIBERIAN tigers in china???)
Kids drenched in blood! International
(sorry but i HAD to insert the link for this here as its bloody hilarious!!)

So if ALL of this is true, the average day would go something like this...

You will Go to call the gangster criminal firemen to resolve the fire caused in your house by black people, Meanwhile on the way to the phonebox you are smacked in the head with dead birds falling from the sky, If your a girl beware though as the pakistanis will rape you, especially if you have been eating carrots!If you try to think freely about how to get out of this situation you will just be sectioned and A wild horrible creature in the wrong country will probably just kill you anyway. And this is all before you have had your breakfast of poisonous eggs by the way.

One who makes people believe such absurdities can also make them commit atrocities ~ VOLATAIRE


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