Reasons why you can never have a conversation with an absolute idiot.....

1. idiots cannot empathise/be objective/be subjective/string a decent sentence together.

2.idiots values suck, they consist of having big TV's and the newest trainers.

3.idiots will always believe thier own opinions no matter how ridiculous

4.idiots can never be talked into seeing sense

5.idiots read the sun this is thier region of knowledge.

6.idiots cant see past thier own bubble.

7.idiots will NEVER have anything interesting to say

8.idiots are vexations of the spirit.

9.idiots have 3 emotions, happy, sad and angry. there is a vast spectrum of lots more.

10. idiots lack reason/rationality/intelegence.

11.words longer than 'and ' will confuse them.

12.idiots will only end up shouting when they are proved wrong.

13.idiots can never be proved wrong even if all the evidence in the world shows them otherwise. will CONSTANTLY have to repeat yourself.

15.idiots cant grasp logic cant fix stupid.

17.idiots will dispute facts.

18.most idiots live in a childish fantasy that to the rest of us seems just rabid ignorance. will eventually have to dumb yourself down and talk in thier language, this is not cool.this is reverse evolution.

20.The best way to have a conversation with an idiot is nod a few times and walk away.

It is impossible to have a decent conversation with idiots, your probably better off going and banging your head against a very thick brick wall.


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